Nearly There With The Second Draft

There are just over a hundred hours left in May. Once they’ve elapsed, I’ll have passed my self imposed deadline for finishing my second draft of Generic Fantasy, my NaNoWriMo 2016 novel. As of this moment, I’m not complete yet.

But I’m very close.

In my last post, I said I’d find something completely random to put in each post.cottage-928979__340.jpgSo here’s an upside down looking house.

Now that’s out of the way, I was informing you of progress about my novel. I’ve just rewritten my final chapter, and typed the words The End again. However, I’ve got one chapter early in the book that I want to go back and rewrite, and a couple of small things to fix across a few other sections. I highlighted some sections in bold, intending to come back to them later. Fairly straightforward but tedious stuff. I probably could have fixed them at the time, but I put them in bold instead so I could find them later and rectify. Such as speelign erors, or small problems with continuity and then the fish started dancing and it was hilarious.

I’ve got a couple of kind beta readers lined up to send the manuscript to once it’s ready. This is still not my final draft, by a long shot. A third, and probably fourth and fifth draft will need to happen, but I feel like I’ve improved on the first draft a lot any way. Finding out if new things work or not, or if I’ve completely destroyed any original quality, will be fantastic to learn about.

Which brings me to a probably fairly predictable request.support-1699909__340.jpg

If anyone has some time to beta read Generic Fantasy for me over the next few weeks, the above picture is in reference to your awesomeness. Currently, it’s 76,974 words long, which is similar to the length of the first Harry Potter book. Any and all feedback would be extremely useful, but particularly, what doesn’t work, or what you don’t like. I love honest feedback, and I’m not after a pat on the back. Obviously I hope you’ll enjoy reading, but I’m not at all shy about getting criticism.

I’m hoping to get working on draft three in August, so if anyone has time to read between the 1st of June and the 31st of July, that would be fantastic. I’d also be pleased to return the favour in the future and beta read for those who’ve done the kindness for me. I can be contacted at philridgers@gmail.com. If not, you’re still awesome just for stopping by my blog and reading this far.

So that’s it for now. All the best, and I hope your writing’s going well.

Featured image and pictures used courtesy of pixabay.


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