Progress Report

I turned thirty this week. I hope that while that three is at the front of my age, I can finish a book, and get it out into the world.

With that said, here’s how my work on Generic Fantasy is going.

I’ve been struggling a lot with the first chapter. In the first draft, it suffered from an enormous case of ‘Never do this thing, especially in a first chapter,’ syndrome. My first chapter was a dream sequence.

I know, what a ridiculous thing to do. An enormous cliche, sure to turn off any prospective agent or publisher. However, I’ve had big problems making it not a dream sequence. One of the major characters in my book is Hypnos, the Greek God of Sleep. Chapter one concerned him rather heavily. Truthfully, I think the chapter worked as a dream.

However, only when taken in the context of the whole book. And that’s no good when the point of an opening chapter is to hook the reader. No one’s going to go ‘I hated the first chapter, but read on anyway because my time’s not at all valuable, and then twelve chapters later I saw why the author did that.’ So I’ve been working at rewriting it.

And finally, as of this afternoon, I think I’ve created an alternative I’m happy with. I wanted to keep the essence of the chapter (introduce protagonist, antagonist(s), give an idea of the key themes of the book, and make it an interesting enough read for the reader to want to continue), and I think I’ve largely managed to do that. It will still need further rewrites, but I have a definite feeling of progress.

I’ve been making edits to the rest of the book, and those are progressing too. Not as quickly as I’d like, but definitely making headway. I want to have a complete second draft by the end of May. The problems with chapter one were a big stumbling block. Now that I’ve cleared those, I hope to continue on more rapidly. That’s contingent on work I need to do for my day job. I’ve got a fair amount of piano practice to do between now and the end of May, and that always takes priority. However, I’m hopeful that I can stay on track.

And that’s my progress report! Thanks for reading this far. To reward you, I typed the word ‘random’ into Pixabay’s search bar, and it gave me this picture of a pineapple. I share it now for your viewing pleasure.


Featured image and random pineapple courtesy of pixabay.


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