Further Editing Progress

A vaguely quick post today. It’s possible the government is monitoring all of us in detail at all times. I just wanted to give the shadowy agent spying on me a quick heads up and something new to read while they have to work on a Sunday. Here are some of my thoughts so I’m more than just a name on top of a dossier marked ‘Top Secret,’ in some menacing building.

agent-1626306__340.png<-My Government Agent (May not really look like this)

As you may know, government agent (and more general blog reader if you’re not a government agent and just happened to have stopped by), I’m currently editing my NaNoWriMo 2016 draft. The novel, Generic Fantasy is progressing. I said in my last post that by the end of February, I wanted to have my new chapters written and one chapter split into two chapters, with each half being extended.

I’ve finished the three entirely new bits, and I’ve sorted one half of the split chapter. That’s taken me a lot of rewrites, as I was not happy with the changes I was making. Thankfully, I realised I needed to make a more significant change and kill off a character. That allowed me to push on and write something I was more pleased with. Now I’ve just got to rewrite the second half of the original chapter, and my February goal is complete.

I was going to get that done today, but I’ve got a rubbish cold so meh. I’ve opted for getting the chapter started, and adding to my written notes for changes to the rest of it. I’m approaching the tail end of the cold, so I’m hoping I can be more focused tomorrow and Tuesday, and can still hit my original target.

So that’s it for today. Thanks for reading, general blog reader. Shadowy government agent, you should be thanking me, seeing as my taxes pay your wages. But that’s probably not much consolation while you’re working an 18 hour shift, at a job you’re not allowed to discuss with your significant other. You’ve told them you work at ‘The Factory,’ which is all you’re allowed to tell them. They think you’re being vague for no reason, and that you’re probably cheating on them. You know your friend on the desk across from you is in charge of monitoring your significant other’s case file. They’ve been looking at you with a sympathetic expression recently, and you wonder what that means. You’re getting paranoid, and your long hours aren’t helping much. You’re also furious that I typed ‘that’s it for today,’ and then launched into a long paragraph that hit worryingly close to the mark about your social life. Who’s monitoring who, here? I’ll leave off before you get in a strop and send the people in black coats to ‘have words,’ with me.

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay


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