Pre NaNo Maintenance

NaNoWriMo was approaching, and Phil was planning his novel. He sat in a coffee shop, his Americano giving power to his plans. He was ahead of schedule. Scenes were mapped out, characters had histories. All in all, he felt pretty good.
But then, he considered something.
‘I have weaknesses!’ He said, only to himself, in his head, for he sat alone. ‘I should try not to fall into the holes I usually do with my writing. I don’t think I’m too bad at writing dialogue. However, I don’t tend to break it up enough with other actions. I’m saying these words in my mind, but I’m doing things too. If this were a story, I should tell people about it.
‘I could mention how I’m typing on an iPod touch, a frown on my face because my archaic iPad 2 refuses to connect to WiFi. I have raised my empty coffee mug to my lips as a barista passes, lest he know I’ve finished my drink and expect me to buy another. I just took a deep breath, because it felt good to do so. Now I just coughed.
‘But my readers would know nothing of these actions, because I have only given them a wall of dialogue. Perhaps this is something I should learn to fix before I even begin.’
Phil looked up and checked that he was not being judged for his empty cup, which, after all, had only very recently contained coffee. Then, he posted to his blog and made a promise to himself. Before NaNoWriMo commenced, he would learn to mix actions with dialogue.

Featured courtesy of Pixabay.


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