My Progress and Plans

You know what month it is. However, this post may be stored in an archive, and retrieved thousands of years in the future. So far future visitors, it’s September 2016. Cheese has just become sentient, and we’ve decided to burn our flying cars and hide the evidence.

So, at the beginning of September, I continue to exist. With that typed, onto the specifics.


Christmas is usually my busiest time of year as a musician. And that busyness starts in September. Those choirs you hear performing Christmas music in December? They have to rehearse that stuff. I’m already practising plenty of Christmas pieces. However, I’m a considerate neighbour, so I’m doing it with the headphones on. I’ve got a lot of concerts coming up over the next few months, so I’m making sure to get plenty of time at the piano. I’m still accompanying four choirs with varying repertoire.


I always want better control of my Type 1 diabetes. While my control is not bad, there is definitely room for improvement. So I’m keeping an in depth diary of my blood sugars, insulin and food intake. I could write many pages about my diabetes journey. If anyone is actually interested in this, comment or message me and I’ll do a separate blog post!


Much is afoot for me, writing wise. Not much palpable everyone point at me and yell ‘Great Success,’ stuff, but I’m busy nonetheless. Back at the end of June, I finished the 2nd draft of my WIP, The Fractured Isle. I put out a call for beta readers, for I knew that I still had much to fix. I offered to write a piano composition for anyone who agreed to read for me. I have very limited income, but I felt that I should be able to offer something for people kind enough to help me. I also started workshopping individual chapters with some writers I met through NaNoWriMo last year. Through this, I got some very useful feedback. I’ve also had some useful comments on early chapters from a fellow writer called Angelina Werner, who I met on Twitter.

I have to dedicate an entire section of this to one person though. Nicole Evans agreed to be one of my beta readers. I asked for honesty above all else in regards to feedback. My goodness did she deliver. Despite a hectic work schedule, she found the time to give some of the most insightful feedback I have ever received. She dug deep into the issues my manuscript has, and her criticism was nothing but constructive. Thanks to her, I have a much clearer map for fixing the issues. So thanks Nicole, and I hope you aren’t getting bored of me mentioning your awesomeness!

I also wrote some short stories in August, submitting to Hour of Writes for their weekly short story competition. One of the competitions offered the opportunity to send a recording of your entry, which would be played at a creative conference. I find my recorded voice hideous, but I decided to give it a try. I got some positive comments about my efforts, which was rather nice. The conference people also added some pictures. You can watch/ listen here. The entry didn’t win, but I did get an honourable mention from the guest judge.

I’m setting myself a busy schedule for my writing as I go forwards. I need to completely overhaul at least one of my characters in The Fractured Isle. Thanks to Nicole’s feedback, I’ve had an idea how to tie separate character stories together much more logically. I’d love to get the third draft done by the end of February 2017.

I’m still planning on doing a separate project for this year’s NaNoWriMo, and will continue to find time to plan that alongside my main novel project. And there are some more short story competitions that I’m planning on entering. Thankfully, I’m getting better at time management. And even if all of this amounts to nothing to anyone else, I’ll know that I’ve done it. I enjoy that sense of achievement, and that’s what keeps me motivated.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading, and I hope your projects run smoothly.

P.S. To those in the far future, we’ve also just enforced a seven day week. That eighth day, ‘Sparesunday,’ was just not being used effectively.

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.



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