Evolving The Plan

It’s halfway through July. People are saying ‘Can you believe it’s halfway through July already? Where does the time go?’ Yes, dear people. I can believe it. I’ve also been dragging my writing plan round with me up to this point.

I planned to have the 2nd draft of my novel done by the end of June, and I achieved that. I’m currently doing Camp NaNoWriMo, with a goal of 30,000 words. My current count is 17,170. It’s the 15th of July, so I’m a couple of thousand words ahead of where I need to be.

I’m writing a bunch of short stories and supporting materials, set in the same world as my novel. Some of these are things that I might try and put out there. Others are more for my own reference purposes. For instance, I’ve been writing visitor’s guides to some of the key locations in my fictional country, Serevan.

All of these things will help me when I come to edit my 2nd draft. The story’s not up to scratch yet, and the more backstory I have to work with, the better. A lot of it won’t go into the book, but it will help to influence how I write.

At the beginning of the month I put out a call for beta readers, and a couple of people have very kindly agreed to read The Fractured Isle for me. I’ll be doing piano compositions for them by way of thanks. Depending on when I receive feedback, they will likely be composed between August and October.

Basically, I am nearing the end of my original plan for 2016. However, I am now evolving it. Once I reach August, I am going to be working at strengthening my writing once again. This time, I’m going to be looking at the other side of things though; pitching and getting published.

I love to write, and I’m pleased that I’m making the attempt. The dream, of course, is to get my work out into the real world, and maybe even make some form of living from my writing. At this point in time, I’m not good enough. Certainly not in regards to marketing in any case.

I believe that I am improving my novel, so the product I have to offer the world is getting stronger each month. However, if no one knows about it, they won’t read it. Also, if I can’t find a way to get it into the world in the first place, it leads to the same dead end.

The good news is that the information I seek is out there.

Throughout August and beyond, I’ll be looking at the pros and cons of publishing, self publishing, crowd funding and everything in between. I’ll be reading up on writing strong query letters and pitches to agents and publishers. In short, I’ll be training myself to be more noticeable. I’ll probably also be looking at how to blog more effectively. I’m pretty much writing my thoughts as I get ’em at the moment. I like getting better at things, so I want to apply that to this blog too.

I think that relying purely on luck to succeed is a bad idea. In my future, I will come across potential opportunities. I might see a publisher, or a magazine, and think that they are absolutely perfect for me. When that happens, I want to make sure that I’ve made myself perfect for them too.

So that’s the newly evolved plan. Continue to write, continue to strengthen my novel, and write new short stories as well. But at the same time, strengthen my attractiveness to publishers and readers. We’ve all got the potential, my friends. We just have to take the practical steps to realise it.

What are your plans for the coming weeks? How are you proceeding with your creativity in 2016? Let me know in the comments, and best of luck with your projects.

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5 thoughts on “Evolving The Plan

  1. This weekend, I plan to continue writing my short stories for competitions and work on my books. I also plan to start my Creative Writing program in August, so I’m very excited! Hopefully this time next year, I’ll have my second certification ins creative writing.


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