It had to start somewhere

Ok, I’ve been putting this off for way too long. I promised myself that I would start a blog in April, so now is literally the perfect time to do it. This is true for more than just the fact of it being April.

This month, I have actually been rather snowed under, in a good way. At the moment, I’m the accompanist for four choirs in Bath, in addition to the private piano teaching I do. This means I need to spend plenty of time practicing the music. Also, it’s Camp NaNoWriMo! I’m working on the 2nd draft of a novel at the moment, currently titled ‘The Fractured Isle.’ My ongoing plan it to have this draft done by the end of July. Do 1,000 words a day in February, the same in April, the same in June, and then add in another 10,000 words during July.

Currently, I’m on target. February went as planned, and I have just under 27,000 words for April’s offering thus far. Seeing as it’s the 26th of April, cunning folk out there can work out that I am a few hundred words ahead of my minimum count. This is good because on Saturday the 30th, I have to give a piano lesson, play for a wedding, and play for a concert featuring 2 of the choirs I accompany. Not anticipating much writing there.

So why is this also the perfect time to write this blog post? Because generally, I’m short on time at the moment. And this is true right now as well. In about 20 minutes, I have to leave to walk to a rehearsal for one of said choirs. I’m sitting here writing this blog post, instead of getting my music together, filling a water bottle and testing my blood sugars (I’m also a professional type 1 diabetic).

But, onwards and upwards. I’m learning to put this site together as I go, and hopefully it will get a bit more coherent as time goes by. Tomorrow, I’ll be adding to my word count, doing about 3 hours of piano practice, and if I have time, planning an entry for the http://www.hourofwrites.com weekly competition. Over and out, and thanks for stopping by! To the best of my knowledge, no rodents mutated as a direct result of these words.


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